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The Leadership School Calendar

Navigate and interact with our school calendar to learn of upcoming events, closures, and other important date.


The calendar below is synced with our Google Calendar.

Download a printable version of our annual school calendar.

July 4: Independence Day/School Closed

July 5: 11-month Employees Start Date

August 1: 10-month Employees Start Date

August 1-19: Staff PD & Teacher Work Days

August 16: Meet the Teacher Night 6pm

August 22: First Day of School/Q1 Begins

September 5: Labor Day/School Closed

September16: Early Release Day/Staff PD

October 13: No School/Staff PD

October 14: Fall Break/School Closed

October 21: Q1 Ends

October 24: Q2 Begins

October 27: Parent-Teacher Conferences (Evening)

October 28: Parent-Teacher Conferences (No School)

November 11: Early Release Day/Staff PD

November 23-25: Thanksgiving Break/School Closed

November 29: Portfolio Night 6pm

December 9: Early Release Day/Staff PD

December 19-20: No School/Staff PD

December 22 - January 3: Winter Break/School Closed

January 3: No School/Staff PD

January 4: Classes Resume

January 13: Q2 Ends

January 16: MLK Day/School Closed

January 17: Q3 Begins

February 17: Early Release Day/Staff PD
February 20: Presidents' Day/School Closed

March 17: No School/Staff PD

March 20-24: Spring Break/School Closed

March 24: Q3 Ends

March 27: Q4 Begins

March 30: Parent-Teacher Conferences (Evening)

March 31: Parent-Teacher Conferences (No School)

April 4: Spring Open House 6pm

April 21: Early Release Day/Staff PD

May 23: Year End Showcase 6pm

May 25: Q4 Ends/Last Day of School

May 26: Teacher Work Day

May 29: Memorial Day/School Closed

June 5-30: Summer Leadership Camp

June 19: Juneteenth/School Closed

2022-2023 Calendar Teacher Days

Aug: 15 days, Q1:  43 days, Q2:  48 days, Q3:  43 days, Q4:  45 days

Total Teacher Days: 194 days

2022-2023 Calendar Teacher Days

Q1: 41.5 days, Q2: 45 days, Q3: 41.5 days, Q4: 42.5 days

Total Student Days: 170.5 day/1150.875 hours