Going beyond the classroom to educate the whole child.

We envision a future where all children will be equipped to lead lasting change for their communities and our world.

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Personalized learning for every child

Every student is unique and our tailored approach provides every child with support for their unique journey.

When it comes to your child's education, one size does not fit all. The Leadership School creates individual learning plans for every student leader. We emphasize student-teacher collaboration so that everyone feels empowered to own their education.

To support these custom education plans, each student has personalized learning labs and academic support from teachers and tutors from the community.

Our Model

Our school couples a sense of belonging with a rigorous academic experience to lay the foundation for authentic student leadership.

Venn diagram of The Leadership School Model. Sense of Belonging Circle overlapping with Rigorous Academics Circle. Authentic leadership is shown in the overlap.

Sense of Belonging

We value the opinions and insights of young children. Our students learn and grow in a relationship oriented community that reflects and honors their ideas, experiences, and contributions.

Authentic Leadership

We believe in trusting students to drive their own learning — to make the best decisions about how they engage in the school community, accomplish goals, take responsibility and impact their community.

Rigorous Academics

We believe that a focus on “deeper learning” is the best route for all students to reach the highest levels of academic success and be able to design and live a successful life.

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Our Framework: Leader in Me

"Leader in Me provides elementary schools with a model and process that addresses common challenges that are unique to students during these formative years. Teachers, staff, and administrators at Leader in Me Schools are empowered to provide support in all of these areas by creating a learning environment that addresses whole-child education with five (5) Core Paradigms. These paradigms influence the behavior of staff, students, and their families."
- LeaderInMe.org

Leader in Me Paradigms

Not This
But This
Leadership is for the few


Everyone can be a leader
A few people are gifted


Everyone has genius
To improve the school,
the system needs to change


Change starts with me
Educators control and direct
student learning


Educators empower students
to lead their own learning.
Help students achieve academically


Develop the whole person
Illustration of family holding hands

I love The Leadership School's model of treating children as actual people. They know that each child is different and those individual needs will be met.

Jacquelyn R.
Educator and future Leadership School Parent

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