A representative student of the Leadership School St Louis

St. Louis County's first public charter school

A new educational option that prepares students to be in the driver’s seat of their own learning and to navigate a path toward the lives they imagine for themselves

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Exposing children to a diversity of thought

Creating a space where kids can be kids and giving everyone the opportunity to grow confident in themselves

The Leadership School exists to grow our students’ leadership capacity through earnest engagement in an academically rigorous, culturally relevant, and relationship-oriented environment.

Students from The Leadership School will be recognizable by the leadership they display in every facet of their lives by achieving their own life goals, adding value to group projects and group work situations, and addressing societal needs in an equitable and inclusive manner.

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Dec 6th or Dec 14th from 6-7pm

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How we L.E.A.D.

We believe that a culture built on these core values will create a safe and supportive learning environment that represents the essence of our school. We believe children who are cared for, and believed in, will develop the capacity to believe in, and care for, themselves and others.


We show great interest, collegiality and positivity in our interactions with all members of our community. We cultivate empathy through strong relationships and collaboration.


We always strive for our ”good” to become “better”, and our “better” to become our “best”. This applies to all areas, not just education, and for all members of the community.


We ensure alignment of our learning to authentic work, hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity, employ just and equitable practices, and remain true to our mission at all times.


We set and accomplish our personal and collective goals. In the face of adversity, we stay the course, persevere, and accomplish the task.

Our Graduates

We will know that our students are on track to be leaders of themselves, their futures, and their communities when they have mastered specific academic skills, and personal and interpersonal effectiveness competencies. Our Graduate Outcomes help orient us towards the definition of leadership that matters most for our students.

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Leverage relationships.

Showing Empathy

Students seek diverse perspectives, listen attentively and value the ideas and opinions of others.

Collaborating creatively

Students solve problems and effect change by combining diverse ideas to generate creative solutions.

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Excel academically.

Mastering rigorous content

Navigating Learning Experiences

Students take charge of their academic goals, monitor and direct their own learning, and develop clear and prioritized plans with their end goals in mind.

Students pursue engagement with rigorous content and learning experiences, achieve at and above grade level, and persist towards meeting academic goals.

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Demonstrate Leadership.

Knowing Themselves

Students use knowledge of their strengths, passions and learning styles to initiate opportunities for learning and leading.

Helping Others

Students create new—and work within existing—organizations to positively contribute to valued causes and community goals.

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